Our Goal

Stellar Sustainable Consulting conducts training and education for homebuyers/sellers, mortgage lenders, realtors and key stakeholders within the real estate community, in order to promote and increase the sale of high performance, energy and resource efficient homes and buildings. Stellar Sustainable Consulting connects the general public to subject matter experts that will assist in creating high performance, energy efficient homes and manages the process to ensure a seamless sales transaction.


Did you know?

The real estate market is currently experiencing a “GREEN” shift, and more and more buyers are CHOOSING TO LIVE in high-performing homes/buildings and, to live more sustainable lives.  And all homebuyers, including FHA buyers, have the opportunity to create a more comfortable and healthier home that is energy efficient, energy saving and green, even before moving in

Marcia Tolentino, Principle at Stellar Sustainable Consulting - conducting "A Homebuyers Guide to High Performing Energy Efficient Homes" at the 2014 Green Prize Festival, at Cesar Chavez Park, in West Long Beach.